Little Luxuries House & Carpet Cleaning Ltd. has won the Consumer Choice Award in the carpet and rug cleaning company category for Winnipeg & Greater Region. This is the first time that the business has been honoured with the prestigious award.

The Consumer Choice Awards have a unique appeal among both businesses and consumers. That’s because the awards reflect the choices of consumers. Once they send in their votes, the process is managed by leading market research agencies in North America.

Since 2006, Little Luxuries House & Carpet Cleaning Ltd. has been providing top-notch carpet and window cleaning, mattress sanitization, and pressure washing services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. The company offers its services to both homes and offices who have come to trust its professionalism and impeccable attention to detail.

The company’s kitchen cleaning services include exterior cleaning of dishwashers, countertops, microwaves, refrigerators, cabinets, windowsills, coffee makers, etc. For bathrooms, the company can disinfect sinks and toilets and clean vanity mirrors, among other things.

Little Luxuries also does an expert job of vacuuming and washing floors of kitchens, bedrooms, living and dining rooms, bathrooms staircases, and hallways. The trained crew from the company also dusts furniture, windows, and wall assets.

The customers of Little Luxuries know that the business is not the lowest-priced option in the area. That’s because it believes in hiring the right staff and using top-notch equipment. With a highly trained, reliable, and non-smoking crew, the company is committed to excellence.

Always aiming to deliver the best results, Little Luxuries is unwavering in its dedication to its clients. The company takes its time to comprehensively finish its jobs with the aim of earning its clients’ trust. As the Consumer Choice Award shows, the business has been successful on that front.

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