Pamper Yourself.

Owning a home is one of the biggest investments we make. Why not protect your investment with a high-detailed cleaning service? Get the Luxury of Time!


Little Luxuries’ cleaning services include:



Thorough exterior cleaning of fridge, stove/hood fan (Height Restriction), dishwasher, clean in/out microwave, disinfect countertops, clean toaster, coffee maker, clean back-splash, wipe down exterior cabinets (Height Restriction) clean kitchen table and chairs, disinfect sink, wipe switchplate covers, dust windowsills, dispose of garbage.

**Please note: We do not move heavy appliances unless requested**



Disinfect sink, clean vanity, polish mirror/chrome, scrub tubs/tiles/showers, disinfect toilets, wipe switchplate covers & doors, dust windowsills, dispose of garbage.

Living, Dining, Bedrooms and Dens

Thorough dusting of furniture, walls assets (height restrictions), dusting of window/door casings, baseboards, windowsills, wipe switchplate covers & dispose of garbage.

Vacuuming and Wash Floors

Kitchen, bathrooms, living, dining, bedrooms, den, closets, under beds, hallways, staircases and for animal lovers vacuuming of their couch (light hair removal).

Due to the health/wellness of our clients, pet stands, posts, climbers, beds, and litter will not be considered.

Weight restriction moving larger items (couches, beds, dresser).


Express clean - 1 hour tidy

Company coming – Relax! We’ve got you covered.



For an additional charge we will be happy to clean windows, walls, oil woodwork (cabinets, staircases doors/window casings) clean ceiling fixtures (fans), blinds, change or wash bedding, wash dishes and clean Upper cabinetry.

Other services/add Ons:

    • Carpet & Rug cleaning.
    • Interior/Exterior Window cleaning.
    • Weekly/Bi-weekly cleaning.
    • Monthly cleaning.
    • Move In/Out cleaning.
    • Residential/Commercial cleaning.
    • Post construction cleaning.
    • We know life’s stressful. you’re home cleaning shouldn’t be.
      1 Hour – Express cleaning (Team of 4)
    • Office cleaning.
    • Steam Cleaning:

Cancellation Policy: Minimum 72 hour cancellation policy, or full payment required.

Outside Perimeter? A minimum $35 travel fee applies.

Hygienitech Process:

Mattress/Upholstery Cleaning and Sanitizing Systems

When it comes to most common allergies, it’s very likely that a Dust Mite Infested mattress is the cause.

The fine dust we breathe in while sleeping in our beds each night can disrupt an intended peaceful night’s rest, trigger allergic reactions or result in symptoms such as itchy eyes, a running nose, sneezing, scratchy or irritated throat, headaches, fatigue, depression and so on.

Many people mistake these symptoms for unavoidable allergic reactions, without realizing that the cause is likely the Cleanliness of the environment in which we are sleeping. We don’t like to think that the environment we are sleeping in is Dirty, however common sense dictates the mattress serves as a ready and willing depository for Organic and Inorganic impurities.

  • We shed 10,000 million scales of bacteria laden skin each day, most end up in our mattresses.
  • Dust mites produce 200 times its body weight in excrement during their normal life span.
  • Dust mites feast for up to 170 days on our shed skin.
  • Dust mites spread rapidly. A female dust mite lays 300 eggs.
  • They can live without food for up to a year.

The Good news is that Hygienitech process is Totally “Green”, The Scientifically proven mattress Cleaning and sanitizing process is an all-natural, chemical-free, No- moisture procedure that is capable of Destroying All impurities found in a mattress.

This is only possible by Sanitizing both the surface and the inside of the mattress by combining a UV-C Germicidal lamp with a powerful extraction device.

No more dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria and harmful debris in your Bed!

Are you Tired Sleeping with the Enemy? You don’t have to wait; you can call us today as your official Hygienitech Service provider and begin feeling better tomorrow morning.


Whether Loving or Listing your home, Our team of professionals know how to Declutter your space for a healthier sense of Living.

Norwex Antibacterial Microfiber

Norwex is proud to announce a new generation of Microfiber, which contains environmentally friendly silver based antibacterial agent.

As of January 1, 2007 the Enviro Cloth (35 x 35 cm /14″ x 14″) is now made with this Antibacterial Microfiber.

The New Antibacterial Microfiber is a new Microfiber (patent pending) that contains an environmentally friendly antibacterial agent that has passed both FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) and EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) approval.

The new Norwex Antibacterial Microfiber continues to remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria from the surfaces you are cleaning, with the added benefit that the antibacterial agent embedded in the microfiber immediately begins to break down the bacteria and germs that are trapped within the microfiber.

Testing conducted by Norwex showed that the bacteria picked up by the microfiber was reduced by more than 99.99% after 24 hours.

The new Microfiber should be regarded as a complement to regular hygiene practices as it helps prevent the transfer of germs to your hands while cleaning and prevents cross contamination.